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About Us

Metrotax Solutions, Inc. is based on experience, integrity, and professionalism since 2003.

Our service is not only limited to tax preparation. We help our clients with tax planning and the creation of legal strategies for filing personal and corporate taxes.

If you are an employee, business owner, or a member of a legal entity, we will guide you so that your tax liability is less based on available legal alternatives.

We are constantly updating and the contact with our clients is not limited to a tax season since our office remains open and available all year round.

We are proud to be the first company to do virtual tax preparation for the Hispanic community in Houston, Texas.

With the onset of the pandemic and our lengthy virtual experience with our clients, it has been easy to transition to a virtual experience at its fullest.

We communicate through a virtual conference or online chat so we can keep providing you the services you need in a timely manner in a safe environment.

Our Purpose

The satisfaction of the demand and the need in the Latino community to be informed in tax matters has been the main objective of our services. Our principle is the training of our clients to create a tax culture adapted to the changing and complex tax system of the United States.

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